As a longtime resident of the 4th District, former mayor, and two-term Congresswoman, Mia is intimately aware of the 4th District’s priorities. She is an accomplished legislator who introduced 19 bills (and counting) this Congress alone, passing 4 of them. For context, Mia’s predecessor introduced only 9 bills his second term in Congress and passed just 1 nonbinding resolution. She takes her role as the 4th District’s Representative seriously and hasn’t missed a single vote in 2018. Her productivity, experience, and constant cooperation with locals inspired 19 Utah mayors to endorse her reelection bid.

The following are just a few key highlights from Mia’s work this Congress:

  1. Introduced and passed the Small Bank Holding Company Relief Act of 2018. The bill was later included in the bipartisan Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act, which was signed into law in May 2018. The bill helps small, community banks to provide capital to hardworking families, farmers, and small businesses to promote economic mobility.
  2. Introduced and passed the Juab County Conveyance Act of 2018. This important bill conveys a small, unused Forest Service property to Juab County to be used by the county’s Special Service Fire District, which provides fire protection services for the incorporated communities, unincorporated private properties, and public lands located within the county.
  3. Introduced and passed the Confirming State Land Grants for Education Act, which enables Utah to better support its public education system. Specifically, it allows the State of Utah to acquire certain BLM land, which has already been identified as available for disposal, within limited portions of the Pony Express Resource Management Plan area for the benefit of Utah’s public education institutions.
  4. Introduced and passed the Stop Taxpayers Obligations to Perpetrators of Sexual Harassment Act as part of the House’s significant, bipartisan package to reform how Congress considers harassment, discrimination, and retaliation violations, known as H.R. 4924. The bill ensures that taxpayers will not pay settlements made in claims of sexual harassment against Members of Congress while offering protection to victims of such harassment.
  5. Collaborated with the President, Department of State, and others to secure the release of constituent Josh Holt from a Venezuelan prison.
  6. Successfully pushed the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs to implement changes that address the ongoing issue of delayed payments to community healthcare providers that serve Veterans.
  7. Worked hard to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and fought to maintain deductions for state and local income taxes and property taxes, expand the child tax credit, and maintain home mortgage and student loan interest deductions in the bill. As a result of tax reform, the average Utahn can expect to see a tax cut of nearly $1,500, according to numbers from the Tax Foundation. Tens of thousands of Utahns have received bonuses from employers such as the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, SkyWest Airlines, Zions Bank, and countless others. Additionally, numerous energy providers have announced that they are passing along rate savings to customers.
  8. As a Member of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, helped produce a report exposing horrific practices occurring in the abortion industry.
  9. Pushed House leadership to include a two-year delay of the medical device tax as part of a larger legislative package, and later worked hard to pass a permanent repeal of the tax through the House. The medical device tax endangers jobs and discourages innovation at several Utah companies such as Merit Medical, BD, Edwards Lifesciences, Integra and the members of BioUtah.
  10. Led investigative and legislative efforts to combat human trafficking as a member of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finance. Ultimately, this resulted in several hearings on the subject, cosponsorship and passage of the the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, and co-introduction and passage of the bipartisan End Banking for Human Traffickers Act of 2018. Additionally, it meant speaking with international leaders, such as Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, about ways to tackle trafficking abroad.