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Pushed for Government Reforms

The government is too big, intrusive, too dysfunctional, and too distant. Mia has worked with her colleagues to implement reforms to make the government leaner, more effective, and more responsive. Her One Subject at a Time Bill, a perfect example of these efforts, would compel Congress to pass responsible, transparent legislation without handing out special privileges to interest groups in last minute deals. Mia will continue working tirelessly to reform government processes until the federal government truly represents the interest of the American people.



Fought for Utah’s Priorities

Mia has worked hard to advance Utah’s priorities this Congress. Through meetings, letters, and various pieces of legislation, she has helped to protect Payment in Lieu of Taxes funding for our counties, secured grant money for Utah’s transportation projects, kept Apache helicopters with the Utah National Guard, suspended taxes that hurt leading Utah industries, increased funding for the Central Utah Project Completion Act, and preserved land in Mill Creek Canyon. Mia puts Utah’s interests first in everything she does and with every vote she takes.



Advanced Meaningful Legislation

As a freshman, she was able to pass substantive legislation to expand access to credit for middle-class families and small-business owners. This is notable because more than 80% of bills introduced receive no action at all, and only 2% ultimately become law. Many of those that do pass rename post offices or other federal buildings. She is proud of the work she has done so far, and looks forward to advancing more legislation both this Congress and in the future.



Tackled Tough Issues

Members of Congress must make tough decisions. During the 114th Congress, Mia has not shied away from big issues that our country must confront. She introduced or co-introduced more than 10 pieces of legislation addressing issues like college affordability, medical doctor shortages, veteran’s benefits, access to credit, and labor issues. She also worked with her colleagues and cosponsored more than 160 pieces of legislation addressing issues like overspending, immigration, poverty, veterans’ benefits, healthcare, education, energy, and much more.



More than 10
Pieces of legislation Introduced

Over 160
Co-sponsored pieces of legislation




Worked Across the Aisle


Mia has led bipartisan efforts to advance criminal justice reform, hold international agencies like the UN accountable, fight for veterans, and improve college affordability. Most recently, she worked with her friend Congressman Cleaver (D-MO) to find bipartisan solutions to poverty here in Utah. These bipartisan efforts have allowed her to develop working relationships with many of her colleagues and, consequently, dozens of Democrats have cosponsored legislation Mia has introduced.



Improved Government Transparency

Mia believes that transparency is a crucial element in any democratic system. She has used her committee assignments not only to advance legislation that helps American families, but also to hold federal bureaucrats accountable to the American people. She has also sponsored and cosponsored legislation to ensure government actions take place in the light of day, instead of behind closed doors. Finally, she has proactively posted her voting record on Facebook each week, allowing her constituents to see how she voted on important legislation.