Congresswoman Mia Love is a D.C. outsider who has built her life and raised a family in Saratoga Springs, Utah for the past 20 years. The daughter of Haitian immigrants, Mia currently serves as the only Republican member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Mia shares the values of the residents of Utah’s 4th District. A rising star in Congress, Mia has faithfully fought for our conservative priorities every step of the way.



Mayor Ben McAdams is a Washington DC insider who started his professional life as an intern and then as a press lead in White House for Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky investigation. Ben then moved to New York to work on Hillary's Senate campaign and lead the charge on her Presidential campaign here in Utah.

Now, McAdams is trying hoodwink Utah voters into thinking he’s a “centrist.” In truth, he’s nothing but a liberal in sheep’s clothing, with deep loyalties to coastal left-wing extremists.

On the issues

Mia is pro-life, endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List, and opposes taxpayer-funded abortions.
McAdams is pro-choice, voted repeatedly to slash restrictions on abortion, and is backed by pro-abortion interest groups.
Mia fought for historic federal tax reform that enabled middle income families to keep more of their hard-earned money.
McAdams would roll back the historic tax reform, including the cuts enjoyed by 4th District families & small businesses.
Mia helped fix Dodd-Frank to give relief to community banks struggling under onerous rules intended for Wall Street.
McAdams supports greater government regulation and centralizing more power in Washington, D.C.