Positive Solutions versus Political Distractions

Press Release

June 27, 2016

Positive Solutions versus Political Distractions

Rep. Mia Love not interested in media spectacle in political season

Rep. Mia Love:  “When I was elected to Utah’s 4th District I promised I would raise Utah’s voice and vote Utah’s values in Washington.  I also committed to engaging in meaningful dialogue with anyone and everyone who is proposing positive solutions.  That continues to be my focus. I am not interested in media spectacles that convince Americans that we are too divided to solve the challenges of our time.”
“Today I hosted, in Utah, a round table discussion with my Democratic colleague Emmanuel Cleaver from Missouri.  We met with business, civic and religious leaders in our community who are truly making a difference in lifting individuals and families out of poverty.  These aren’t left vs right issues – these are American issues and I look forward to showcasing what Utah is doing to create real opportunity for all.”
“The principles and policies that unite us, promote freedom and gives a voice to every American are what I am interested in sharing, discussing and promoting.  If the opportunity arises where I can raise Utah’s voice or engage in meaningful dialogue on issues that matter – I will be there.”