In Rare Bipartisan Gesture, House Democrat Donates to Republican Mia Love

By Matt Canham
Aug 31 2016 12:04PM

Georgia Democratic Rep. David Scott ventured into enemy territory — the Capitol Hill Club, used by Republicans to raise money and strategize for the election — in search of Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah.

When Scott found her in May, he handed over a $1,000 check from his campaign and said he wanted her to win in November.

Love looked at the check, then looked around to see if this was a joke, and finally she asked her Democratic colleague why he would donate to her campaign when it would likely get him in trouble with his party.

“First, I think it is important for us to have people of color on both sides of the aisle and, second, I want Utah to know I’m proud of what they have done.”

Love told this story during her visit with The Salt Lake Tribune’s editorial board this week, using it as an example of how her historic status as the first black Republican woman in the U.S. House has given her a unique opportunity to make friends with Democrats.

Reached by phone, Scott, a seven-term congressman who represents part of Atlanta and its suburbs, said Love’s retelling was “very accurate.”

“Mia has proven herself. She is very smart, very talented,” he said. “It is very important for us as African-Americans to look at the big picture and realize that we are in a big game here and we have to have alliances.”

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