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D.C. Dysfunction

D.C. Dysfunction

After spending the past two years fighting to bring Utah values to our nation’s capital, Mia fully understands how dysfunctional our federal government has become. This dysfunction is the result of both behavioral and systematic flaws that she will continue working to address. Here are just a few of the actions she has already taken to ensure the federal government works for, and is accountable to, all Utahns:

• Mia has routinely worked across the isle to advance legislative priorities. She believes that we are stronger as a nation when two or more people talk about what they’re for, instead of what they’re against. As the only Republican member of the Congressional Black Caucus, Mia knows from experience that common ground can be found on almost any issue. That’s why she has worked with her Democratic colleagues on issues like poverty, criminal justice reform, education, veterans, and immigration. And it’s why dozens of her friends from across the isle have cosponsored bills that she has introduced

• Mia has introduced the One Subject at a Time Act, a common-sense bill that would prohibit lawmakers from adding unrelated provisions and bills to host legislation. This would promote fiscal responsibility, greater transparency, and improved accountability

• Mia is one of ten members of the Article I Project, which seeks to reclaim Congress’ power of the purse, prevent last-minute legislative cliffs, and reassert authority over regulation

• Mia cosponsored the Biennial Budgeting and Enhanced Oversight Act of 2016, which seeks to fix our broken budgeting process and end crisis-driven budgeting

• Mia has cosponsored balanced budget amendments

• Mia has voted to deny Members of Congress, including herself, a pay raise.
Mia is proud of the work that she has done so far to get Washington back on track. Getting the federal government to work for the people will require both behavioral changes from politicians and systematic changes to the way things are done, but Mia is committed to push for those changes and to continue bringing Utah values to Washington.