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Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility

The federal government is on an unsustainable path. Despite increasing revenue from taxes, deficits are now on the rise and our national debt has increased to more than $19 trillion dollars. Congressional Budget Office projections show that net interest payments will rise in the coming years, crowding out spending in other areas. Ultimately, this fiscal situation will limit the ability of Congress to respond to future, unexpected crises and will threaten our children’s future.

Mia believes in a sustainable path for federal spending. Our children deserve a bright future. And hardworking taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to spend hours, weeks, or months working to simply pay interest on debt accrued by previous generations.

While in Congress, Mia has kept her promises to the 4th District. She has worked hard to promote a financially sustainable future by:

• Cosponsoring a balanced budget amendment

• Cosponsoring legislation to set a regulatory budget for executive agencies, putting Congress in control of the size and scope of the regulatory state

• Cosponsoring legislation compelling Congress to pass a two-year budget, preventing yearly crisis-to-crisis budgeting

• Cosponsoring legislation to end spending on programs that hasn’t been authorized by Congress, taking the budgeting process off autopilot

• Voting for a responsible budget that gradually balances

• Voting against an irresponsible budget that reverses progress made in deficit reduction

• Fighting wasteful spending programs