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Mia believes that Utahns should have access to high quality, affordable health care options that best meet their needs. She has met with hundreds of Utah individuals and families and has seen the damaging effects Obamacare has had on hardworking Utah families. It drives up premiums and deductible costs, reduces options, stifles innovation, and fosters fraud. Mia believes a better system is possible.

That is why she has repeatedly voted to repeal Obamacare and its most damaging provisions. Mia believes in a shift towards patient-centered reforms that expand coverage while reducing costs. And she pledges to continue to fight for better options.

While in Congress, Mia has already:

• Repeatedly voted to repeal Obamacare

• Cosponsored and supported House-passed legislation to repeal the medical device tax, which would hurt a major Utah industry and stifle medical innovation

• Opposed the “Cadillac Tax” on health insurance plans

• Introduced the Enhancing Opportunities for Medical Doctors Act, which helps to address the shortage of doctors in Utah

• Fought proposals to cut Medicare reimbursement rates