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National Security

National Security

Nothing Mia does is more important than ensuring the safety of American citizens. She takes her Constitutional duty to “provide for the common defense” seriously, and has put her beliefs into action while in Congress. As global instability has increased and new threats have emerged, it has become even more important to maintain the most robust military in the world.

Because our men and women in uniform are asked to protect us from increasingly sophisticated threats, it’s important to provide them with the equipment and resources they need to keep their America safe. It’s also important that they know that their country will provide for their families and personal needs.

Mia has worked hard to ensure that the country counters extremists across the world, works to promote freedom, and modernizes its military to deter all threats in the 21st Century.

While in Congress, she has:

• Strongly opposed the final version of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, better known as the Iran Deal, which legitimizes Iran’s nuclear program and jeopardizes safety for the sake of a President’s legacy

• Supported tightened sanctions on organizations that support and encourage terrorism

• Supported efforts to combat terrorism and cyber-attacks

• Worked to strengthen US support of and partnership with Israel

• Voted in favor of defense appropriations and funding bills that modernize the military and provide pay raises and personal care to troops and their families

• Opposed efforts to transfer resources from the Utah National Guard

• Led efforts to hold international organizations accountable

• Worked to bring Utahans trapped abroad back home