Mia Love: ‘One Subject at a Time’ makes Congress more responsive

Jan 14 2017 09:03AM

Commentators across the political spectrum have now offered dozens of different perspectives regarding our most recent election cycle. While opinions certainly vary, it is clear that many Americans of every political stripe feel neglected and forgotten.

For too long, government has failed to listen to the individuals it exists to serve. Frederick Douglass once observed that “[p]ower concedes nothing without a demand,” and the American people have certainly demanded change.

As a representative in the branch closest to the people, I have been concerned for some time by our federal government’s inability to listen and respond to the people it serves. This is especially true of executive agencies, which operate with minimal public feedback yet routinely implement incredibly impactful rules and regulations. Many, perhaps even most, of the rules that operate with the force of law in our lives were put in place by unelected executive branch bureaucrats.

The REINS Act, which I cosponsored and the House recently passed, would partially address this problem by enabling Congress to ultimately approve or reject “major” executive rules and regulations. This would significantly improve accountability in both the executive and legislative branches, and my colleagues and I are working on reforms to achieve similar goals as part of the Article I Project.

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